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Claymaniak, founded in 2003 by Esther Casas Roura, a molecular biology master's graduate from Barcelona, Spain, marks the creative journey of a filmmaker with a unique background.

Esther transitioned from the world of science to the vibrant realm of art and filmmaking when she moved to New York in 2000. Specializing in the dynamic blend of film, stop-motion animation, and visual effects, Esther refined her skills at The Arts Student League and The School of Visual Arts. Since 2005, as the creative force behind Claymaniak, she's been a driving presence in animated commercials, embracing the roles of both animator and director.


Claymaniak has produced three animated short films and numerous commercials for a diverse client base, spanning from large corporations to independent media outlets. Notably, her second animated film, "Creamen," garnered multiple film awards and achieved acclaim in the international film world, screening in over 100 festivals:


Claymaniak's most recent project, slated for release in January 2024, is "Flocky," a 2D-animated short film. Stay tuned!


Esther, now a freelance film director and animator, is actively engaged in her upcoming project, "TAO," a feature-animated film primarily utilizing traditional animation techniques. 

You can check her completed work on IMDB:

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