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Stop-motion short animated film.
This colorful symbolic story brings together a group of anthropomorphic ice-creams that confront a devastating future together, our future​

Film Synopsis

Creamen – taken from the Spanish word crimen, meaning “crime“, is a colorful, symbolic and micro-cosmic story about the global warming crisis, which brings together an unlikely group of abstract, anthropomorphic characters who unexpectedly are forced to confront the challenge of a potentially devastating future together - our future.

My goal is to contribute to the ongoing conversation about one of the most dramatic public issues of our time in a new, non-polemic form. Creamen entertains through unusual character development and the remarkable landscape of stop-motion animation; in which an animated, human-like ice creams confront a catastrophic heat wave. The film concentrates on the dialog between them as a reflection of current society's own conversations surrounding global warming. Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Banana represent different nationalities and regions of the world, showing the best, and not so best, in all of us.

For full credits and to watch the film:

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