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2D short animated film under production
FLOCKY is symbolic story that represents the sudden and unexpected  interruption of a pregnancy.  A love story that ends too soon..



Film Synopsis


The film opens into a blinding white snowstorm. The snowflakes dance to a beautiful melody. We zoom into one snowflake - Flocky. 


The screen fades to white and we enter a new world of color and texture where a girl wakes up inside a train wagon and meets Flocky; they will become life companions. We follow them in their daily blissful time together. She loves him unconditionally. But one day the unexpected happens: Flocky suddenly vanishes.  The girl is left alone, broken and in despair.  


She wakes up in the middle of the night, in her bed.  She looks around the bedroom she previously shared with Flocky. None of his belongings are there: his bedside table is empty, and the pictures on the wall are now only of herself – alone.  Confused and sobbing, she gazes out the window into a heavy snowstorm.  Her focus is drawn to the hypnotizing falling snowflakes. She smiles the same way she did when she first met Flocky.   


The snowflakes descend towards a beautiful lake below. One-by-one they dissolve into the water, melting down slowly. We zoom out onto the larger storm - the screen fades to white. 


Was it a dream? an imagined  life? did Flocky really existed?

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