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2D feature animated film under development
Tao, a war-refugee, is bound to defend his home from the most feared foreign army.  Meanwhile - in a world both close and far away - a scientist struggles to find his patient’s cure. They unite to defeat the enemy.



Film Synopsis


The refugees had escaped a ferocious attack from the invading Malignant army and now live in a quiet village known as “Vitroland”.

Remaining vigilant to protect themselves from future threats and determined to retake their homeland, the refugees train in the advanced martial arts form of their ancestors.


Tao, a guardian student, is revered for his strength and movie star looks, but disliked for his arrogance and refusal to work with others.

Vitroland’s state of peace however shatters when the same enemy attacks its citizens once again; it’s a ferocious battle, many die, and the guardians are left leaderless. Tao is the only candidate

of leadership now, but it remains to be seen if he can overcome his pride during this time

of emergency.


The battle looms.

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